Laboratory Research

This page introduces the most recent active projects of the medical system & device laboratory.

These include measure the Gait, Posture, Electrocardiogram, Photoplethysmograph, Respiration and various bio signal using our developed electrical physiological sensor. And then not only conduct analysis to bilateral coordination, asymmetry, pressure distribution as balance index of gait and posture but also analysis about vairous bio signal as ECG, PPG, Respiration etc. Also, applications include medical imaging, bio-medical signal processing, rehabilitation system development, bio-signal monitoring system.

Gait & Posture

Summary: Research includes the ergonomics, systematic, kinematic, kinetic analysis of gait, sitting posture, sleep posture and other postures. Also, measurements based on our develope electrical physiological sensor.

◈ Research topics include : gait [index, imbalance, classification, pattern analysis, monitoring system] , posture [classification, distribution analysis, monitoring system]

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Smart Healthcare

Summary: Research includes the smart healthcare monitoring system for various environment as office work, rehabilitation, construction site, health. and this system through implement healthcare monitoring for lead to smart wellness life.

◈ Research topics include : medication adherence, water intake, safety helmat, safety shoe, smart glove, manual therapy

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Bio-medical Signal Processing

Summary: Research includes the digital signal processing for electrocardiogram, photoplethysmography, respiration, gait and various bio-medical signal. Then figure characteristic out and extracting feature, index from signal.

◈ Research topics include : Digital Signal Processing, Bio-medical signal, ElectroCardioGram, PhotoPlethysmoGraphy, Gait & Respiration signal

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Electrical Physiological Sensor

Summary: Research includes measurement sensor and device for bio-signal as rehabilitation, construction site, health status. And based on this sensor to make measurement device and healthcare monitoring system for lead to smart wellness life.

◈ Research topics include : Biomedical instrumentation, Capacitive pressure/proximity sensor, Printed circuit board

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