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Development of Textile Proximity Sensor for Medication Adherence Management System
Authors: Jong Gab Ho, Se Dong Min*

Description: In this study, we developed textile proximity sensor using conductive textile to develop a Medication adherence management system. The textile proximity sensor utilizes the principle of the capacitor, and the ring type sensor used to reduce the fringe-effect. When take medicines, we made a custom PCB that converts the change of the data measured by the sensor into a digital value so that transmitted the PC. In order to compare the performance of the system, we evaluated the correlation between the data variation according to the quantity of pills in the electronic compact scale and the data in this system. As a result, Pearson`s correlation coefficient was 0.956(p<0.01), confirmed a good correlation between the scale and our system. Therefore, we concluded that our system evaluated able to whether or not to take medication.

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A low cost wearable wireless sensing system for paretic hand management after stroke
Authors: Se Dong Min, Changwon Wang, Hwa-Min Lee, Bong-Keun Jung*

Description: This paper describes the design of a low cost wearable hand exercise device that can assist repetitive wrist and finger exercise for stroke patients. The design of this device was guided by neurobiological principles of motor learning, such as sensorymotor integration, movement repetition, and cognitive interaction. This pilot study tested the efficacy of a wireless sensing system in the device to serve as a facilitator of repetitive hand exercise, which is an essential part of rehabilitation after stroke. The results from healthy young adults showed that the device with a wireless sensing system yielded quantitatively better motor function with the repetitive wrist and finger joint movements.This proof-of-concept study shows potential therapeutic evidence for stroke rehabilitation as well as the potential utility of sensing system for stroke rehabilitation.

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